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Rapid Culture
Bushiroad is hitting it’s 10-year anniversary this May 2017 and we are commemorating this special occasion with an early celebration this weekend!

Details for wsWE:PLAYmusic Event:

Venue: Battle Bunker @ Bugis+ #03-16/17

Date: 11th - 12th Mar'17

DAY 1 ( SAT 11th Mar'17 )

A) WS we:PLAYmusic Gunslinger Tournament
< Play as much games within these 8 hours to win attractive prizes! >

- Time: from 1.30pm till 9.30pm (Player may register for this event at any time within this time frame)
- Entry Fee : SDG$10.00 per participant
- Series Allowed in this Event:
Angel Beats! / Haruhi / Symphogear / Love Live! / LL! Sunshine!! / IM@S / IM@S CG /
Shining series/ Macross F / Guilty Crown / Porject DiVA / Bang! Dream /
- You are able to switch decks in betweeen the matches as long as they are of legit series listed above.

First 4 Players to record 11 games played, Each shall receive a set of 3 PRs:

First 5 players to record 6 WINS will each receive an exclusive Angel Beats! Storage Box

First 2 Players to record 10 wins Each will receive 2x Bang! Dream TD+

3x Lucky Draw Winner, each will win a pack of exclusive Sleeves from Love Live!

1x Lucky Draw Winner will be announced at end of the day to win a IMAS SP Promo card:

B) WS [we:areOne] Tournament
Time: 7.45pm
Entry Fee : SDG$6.00 per participant
Entry PRs: 10x PRs per Participant

Tournament Style: 3/4 round Modified Swiss / Top 2 Playoffs
Series restriction: NEO-STANDARD

Winner of the Tournmant will receive a set of Symphogear GX CD Promo cards:

Lucky draw will also be held at the end of tournament ^^

DAY 2 ( SUN 12th Mar'17 )

A) Bushiroad Asia Championship 2017 WS (JAP) Shop Qualifiers

- Time: 2.30pm (Registration starts at 12.30pm.)
- Entry Fee: between SGD$6-$8; To be CONFIRMED
- Entry PR / Gift: TBA
- Tournament Style: Double Elimination (Best of 1; 6-7 rounds of modified Swiss), 25min per match
- Series restriction: Macross F, GF Beta & School Girls Strikers CANNOT be Used.
- Registration limit: Max. 32 players
- for more details: http://rapidculture.livejournal.com/634384.html


We will be having tutorials for those who are keen to pick up Weiss Schwarz trading card game.
Those who attend and complete the tutorial session will receive a FREE 50-card WS deck. So bring down your friends and have fun.
+++ Tutorial Timings (Tentatively) as follows:
i) 2:00pm - 3:00pm
ii) 4:00pm - 5:00pm

More events coming up, so stay tuned for our updates!


See you!

Battle Bunker
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #03-16/17
Singapore 188067
tel: +65 6509 4011

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